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TERRA Rent, We serve you more flexible ( in term & condition) , better ( in services) and faster ( in respond time)..

TERRA Rent.® comes to fulfill needs of heavy equipment renting for construction work, plantation, oil & gas to the mining sector. For now we have some branches/outlets in some big cities across Indonesia. Renting is one good alternative for you who want to stay focused on your own business and best solution when you need utilization from heavy equipment without own it. Rent from TERRA Rent.® makes your business more efficient because the flexible terms & conditions that adjust capability and needs and we also give consultation of the best fleet needs and suitable application for your business and your production target.

TERRA Rent.® provides heavy equipment ranging from small to big heavy machine such as Articulated Dump Truck, Grader Motor, Bulldozer, Hydraulic Excavator, Soil Compactor, Excavator, Soil Compactor , Mud pump, tower lamp, air compressor, service truck, fuel truck, water truck, rigid truck and so on. With our experiences in more than 10 years in rental heavy equipment industry supported by known brand and certified technician, we believe we are the best in the industry.

TERRA Rent.® is here for you, our 24 hour service dan 7 days a week will make your business on track as long as we are trusted to support your project with our rental equipment. Our rental concept are Dry Rent and Wet Rent either with variable charge or fix and variable charge. Dry Rent concept will suit the project which already have mechanic and operator while Wet Rent concept will suit the project which want to focusing on production and gives all the technical things such as rental equipment, mechanic and operator under our supervise.

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